My 7 Favorite Seed Starting Supplies

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Seed starting is a rewarding way to begin the growing season while you're still months away from working in the flower beds. I've learned a lot about starting my own seeds over the years, and one of my best gardening tips is that preparation is key. When I'm prepared with my supplies or my plan or whatever it may be that I need, I'm more apt to be successful with my plantings and that includes starting seeds. 

I've compiled a list of my favorite seed starting supplies including one particularly unique item that you probably wouldn't expect to use for gardening. 

Seed starting trays - One of the first things you need for starting seeds is a vessel for the soil and seed. What I love most about this specific seed starting tray is its durability. I've had some of my trays for 3+ years and can see myself using them for many years to come. At the end of the season, I give them a good wash and store them away until they're needed once again. 

Seed starting mix - This is lighter than your standard potting mix or ground soil to promote root growth. You can usually find it at the hardware or garden center. If this brand is unavailable, I always go for the organic option even if it costs a little more. You want your seed starting mix to be light and fluffy. I've been burned in the past by using the least expensive store options which were harder to hydrate.

Grow lights - If you have more seeds to start than a windowsill can hold, it might be time to expand into grow lights. I use two of these lights per shelf. 

Metal shelving - I love these metal shelves from Amazon. I can fit three of my seed trays side by side on one shelf & my grow lights are easily attached and adjusted to the metal bars. 

Heating mat - Many seeds, including peppers, benefit from warmer temps to encourage sprouting. 

Portable greenhouse - Once your plants outgrow their spot inside, you can move them outside to a pop up greenhouse until it's planting time. These are a great short term solution & with proper care and storage, it can last several years. Because I live in an area that sometimes experiences strong winds and storms, I keep mine fastened to backyard fencing to prevent it from blowing away or being ripped to shreds.

Windshield Sunshade - Perhaps the most odd choice on my seed starting list is this windshield sunshade. Due to limited space, my seed starting set up is in a room that is frequently occupied. I keep the sunshade wrapped around my growing shelves to not only protect the eyes of anyone sharing the space but also to capture some of that light and reflect it back on the plants. 

Do you have a favorite seed starting supply not listed here? Leave a comment below.
Happy planting!


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