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This Week In The Garden

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What a cold week it has been in the garden. An arctic blast brought in freezing temperatures and snow. Just last weekend, it was 50°F and only a couple of days later it was -5°F. The shift in temperature initially brought pouring rains that flooded a few spots in my backyard which quickly turned to ice rinks as the temperature dropped. 

Now that I have backyard chickens, the freezing temperatures also brought in a flurry of extra work securing tarps for wind breaks and multiple trips each day to check water and break ice. This is my first winter having chickens and I am learning so much! There have been a few frozen eggs, but overall, it seems to be going well.

All work has halted on my greenhouse project. We have trim to mount and shelving to build, but there is still plenty of time for that. Right now, it's just a storage space to keep the straw dry for my chickens. Just before the colder temps moved in, we hung a sign I found at Tractor Supply. I'm looking forward to adding more d├ęcor to the greenhouse once things get a little more settled inside.

The pansies that I planted in the fall may have finally bit the dust. They have been holding on to a few blooms through the mild weather, but their sad, little bloom faces are now frozen beneath the snow. With any luck, they'll be blooming again when the warmer temps roll back around. 

In between working and checking on my chickens, I spent extra time indoors this week gathering inspiration for the coming garden season. I have really enjoyed watching back season two of Growing Floret on the Magnolia Network. Erin will be releasing several Floret Original cut flower variety seeds next month & it was interesting to watch the laborious process of flower breeding as it takes place on her farm. 

I'd love to know what other garden related shows you watch for garden inspiration. Are you also encountering freezing temperatures and snow this week?

 Happy growing, friends!


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